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I've been thinking about getting HANs device, but learned that it only works if you have multi-point harness, which I don't. In order to put multi-point harness, I need to put roll bar or harness bar installed into the car. (so I have to get harness bar, harness, and HANs)

While I was searching, I found simple donut-shape neck braces (like a foam padded travel pillow).

My question is, does anyone know if it would help from impact? (if not, what's the purpose of this thing?)
Any input will be appreciated.
If you don't have full cage, then you shouldn't be doing anything that makes you think you need HANS.

The basic progression of sfaety devices
1. Helmet
2. Roll Hoop/bar
3. Multipoint Harness
4. Triangulated Roll cage
5. HANS device

You don't really want to skip steps unless they are rendundant
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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