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Hey all, hope everyone is doing well.

My question is this. On my 1996 Coupe I have this clicking noise when the wheel is turned to the right or left when either the car is not moving or you turn the wheel all the way to the right or left.

Now I know from driving auto's over the many years that you do get a noise from power steering if you turn the wheel all the way to the right or left, it's kind of a whinning noise as you get the to max turning radius but this noise is a clicking and doesn't sound right.

I had it in the shop today to see if they could find what it was and they were trying to get ahold of (I guess a dealership) to find out what it could be or is it normal and after a few hours I left and they said they would call when they found out.

I found a link somehwere on here for recalls and there was one for the C-4 regarding a clicking noise when turning the wheel!!! I showed them this and they said that it was just a notice not a recall. " I don't care what it is it described the noise I am having to a tee"!!!

I'm curious if anyone else that owns a 1996 or any other year that has this clicking noise and if they know what it is and how to remedy the situation??? Thanks, Jim
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