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Purchased them and can't be more satisfied. I have only used pneumatic pump jacks in the past.

I've used it to change oil in a few vehicles and brakes on another.

Very convenient and I feel confident working on vehicles while I am under them.

Assembly was pleasant and the directions were pretty good.

I have the 110V version.

I would suggest to go ahead and buy the QUICKJACKS rubber pinch-weld blocks. I've looked at the Amazon alternatives and IMO not worth bothering with.

I am going to look into also purchasing the wall hangers.

Works great with the C5

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The thing is for me, just saying. They cost more than a two post lift. The draw back is head room. For a post lift you need 12 feet minimum. I’m three feet short. So a quick jack is the answer. If I was single, but my finance manger stated it’s not in the budget.
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