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The Race Ramps Group Buy is coming to an end!

Need an easier way to raise your Corvette in the air? Race Ramps has many solutions, and is having a Group Buy!

Here is how it works:

The way I am going to work this is to have everyone who wants to order ramps email me what they plan to purchase. Please go to our website to determine the part number(s) and quantities. Then email me your intended purchase.

Please email to: [email protected]

Please don't provide credit card info or shipping info yet - just your email/contact info. This is to collect order tallies to determine the final discount % that will be offered.

If the combined order total from all participants equals 10-19 sets (excluding Wheel Chalks), we will provide a 10% discount. If there are 20 sets or more ordered we will provide a 15% discount.

You can see all the Race Ramps products at

I am going to collect tallies until 12:00 midnight on September 28th. At the end of the tally collection, I'll email all of you who responded to let you know the final discount percentage that will be offered. In that email I will prompt you to reply back with a confirmation that you still want to order the product. If so, I will reply back to you with a discount code, and kindly ask you to order from the Race Ramps website using the coupon code. All of your shipping and payment info will be collected there.

Please, only respond to the group buy if you are serious about ordering. If you bail out at the end it will affect the number of ramps ordered and therefore the discount percentage.

So, let all your buds know this group buy is going down, to ensure there are enough orders to hit the 15% discount.
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