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Raced an AMG SL65 V12 twin turbo

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Four races against a 604 Horsepower, 738 ft lbs torque $190,000 vehicle. Three roll on's at different speeds, one from a stop. I walked away from him each and every time.

This is at 6,000 foot altitude, where a turbo car has an advantage over N/A. Pretty happy with the results.
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We love it here. Four seasons, but winter"lite", and not as hot as some assume because of the altitude. The Northwest section of Albuquerque and the suburb, Rio Rancho has a younger population than the more established sections. Lots of new businesses, thriving area. My wife's whole family just moved here, from SoCal and love it also. Cost of living is less, no crowds, less crime. It's all good.:thumbsup:
From 50 mph to top of second, 2 cars. From 30 to top of second, 3 or more. All good races.
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