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"St. Pete~ 04/10/07

Well sorry about the delay getting this report up, but after the race I went to South Florida with my kids and did some jet skiing and had a bit of fun. Another disappointing result for us in the #3 car with us having a drive shaft failure during the race, and had it not been for that, well it would have been quite a battle as we really had a great race car. Very speedy.

I had really been looking forward to the race, as I had a good run there last year in the Caddy. We were good all the way up until qualifying when we went the wrong way on the set-up, and wound up being a bit behind the #4 car on the watches. But knowing where we were, and had been, well I was optimistic that during the race we would be hooked up. And we were.

Until we broke. Olivier and I were having a good run, running very close, and pushing very hard. I know that everything would have come down to pit stops, and I was quite confident that our guys could get Jan out fast and we could get in position to win. Unfortunately we never got the chance to find out, and as I sat at the far end of the track with a broken car, well knew that Jan and my chances of winning the championship were truly set back, and that we’ll have to really attack the rest of the season.

Long Beach is up next and hopefully we will have a good run. Jan has been there and run the current circuit….I’ve been there but on the old track. Our schedule there really stinks, and the race is shorter than usual, but hopefully we have a good race, and put on a good show. We are so overdue on the #3 car, and I know that both Jan and I are as hungry as ever to change that !!!

Let's not forget our racing heritage guys - the team is a blast to watch, if you have not been to an ALMS race.....GO, and forget those sissy ear plugs.
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