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Might as well put my two cents worth in. I use race ramps on the front and a Blackhawk five ton floor jack and a custom cut 2X4 on the rear to lift my C6. Has worked splendidly. I put the 2X4 in between the floor jack and the aluminum rear suspension support. Lifts the rear like a champ. The jack is an antique. Rebuilt it in the eighties with the last known kit I could find. Was new old stock that a hydraulic shop just happened to have. Guy told me you couldn’t get that kit any longer. He was surprised that I had one. Told me they hadn’t made that jack since the fifties. Still works fine much like my Wayne air compressor from 1957. Wouldn’t trade it for any new one. It’s the quietest air compressor I’ve ever heard running. Have had both for over fifty years they both belonged to my dad and he gave me both when I started doing all the maintenance on our vehicles.
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