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rats and virus 19 changes to food availability,
many of you have cars stored in garages and don,t think of this as a threat normally,
with the current drastic changes in human behavior,
the millions of rats that commonly feed regularly off discards in restaurant dumpsters,
grocery store, dumpsters, your local 7/11 etc.
and food left discarded in parks, playgrounds and other areas,
that with the current lock-down are no longer food sources
those vermin, are now finding food access much restricted,
you can expect your home or shop to be checked out and searched,
by the vermin if its located close to what was prior to this, a food supply.
so your homes and shops, car interiors,
home wiring etc are now more at risk,
it would be prudent to set a few rat/mouse traps,
and maybe place poison where pets and kids can't get access to those items.
even if youve never had issues before,
you might be amazed at the results youll see , under current non-typical conditions

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts