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GM still has all of the details of the interior upgrade and various hardware details to unveil, so they're probably not too pissed. Also, now they can monitor the web & media and get a hint of what kind of reception the C6 will receive. To me, that reception seems to be pretty positive. I LOVE the way it looks! :thumbsup: More HP & better interior will be icing on the cake! :)

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GM realeased these on purpose, I can't beleve if Chevy was trying to hide C6 until January that they would be this careless. They knew what thay were doing. Now they have got everyone dying to know what the car looks like from the front.

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Pat, I posted those pics in the gallery a little while ago. Don't know if anyone already posted, if so, just delete mine. Thanks.

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Rumored options and colors! Sunburst Orange!

10U Arctic White
19U LeMans Blue Metallic1
27U Precision Red
41U Black
67U Machine Silver Metallic
71U Daytona Sunset Orange Metallic
79U Millennium Yellow
86U Magnetic Red Metallic II

Interior Colors
Cobalt Red
Steel Gray

Head-Up Display, includes dot-matrix readouts for street mode, track mode
with g-meter, vehicle speed, engine rpm, and readings from key gauges
including water temperature, oil pressure and fuel levels

Performance Handling Package, performance-oriented package for the
Gymkhana/Autocross enthusiast, includes power steering, engine oil and
transmission coolers, stiffer springs and stabilizer bars, specific shock
absorbers, larger brakes with cross-drilled rotors, specific tires and
performance gearing, Z51-specific, 6-speed manual transmission or performance
axle ratio with automatic transmission

CM7 Convertible top, power folding, includes glass rear window with integral
defogger ( there is still a manual version. )

Sound system with Navigation, ETR AM/FM stereo with CD player and MP3 playback,
(U65) Sound system feature, Bose premium 7-speaker system, DVD navigation with
GPS, 6.5" LCD color display touch screen, voice recognition, includes Radio
Data System, seek-and-scan, digital clock, auto-tone control, automatic volume
and TheftLock

Roof Package, includes (CF7) Roof panel, 1-piece, body-color and (CC3) Roof
panel, 1-piece, transparent

Keyless Access, with push-button start, includes 2 remote transmitters which
enable automatic door unlock and open by touching door switch

Headlamps, bi-functional high-intensity discharge, includes automatic
exterior lamp control

Console, floor, lockable, includes 2 covered cupholders, ashtray with cigar
lighter, auxiliary power outlet and CD storage

Tires, front P245/40ZR18, extended mobility, Eagle F1
Tires, rear P285/35ZR19, extended mobility, Eagle F1

Wheels, 5-spoke aluminum, 18" x 8.5" (45.7 cm x 21.6 cm), front and
19" x 10.0" (48.3 cm x 25.4 cm), rear

Wheels, polished, 5-spoke aluminum, 18" x 8.5" (45.7 cm x 21.6 cm),
front and 19" x 10.0" (48.3 cm x 25.4 cm), rear

Is the base engine called the LS-2? -YES
Is the manual transmission a Tremec T-56? YES
Is the base AT a 4L65-E?-YES
What is the designation of the Goodyear tires?-F1
Are there any engine options?-NO
Are there any transmission options? -Just A-M
Is the rear hatch polycarbonate? - NO
Is there a magnesium wheel option? - NO
Is there a cloth seat option or are they all going to be leather?- Leather
Is there a next-Gen Active handling being used? - Just says AH
Is the hood carbon fiber - even as an option? - NO
Is the exhaust made from titanium? NO

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I'm not crazy about all those options. I hope the Z06 has a lot less "heavy" stuff. I don't have a problem opening the car and driving it like any other car.

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Really great information, obviously someone has seen an order form or a brochure. However, the answers to the questions at the end have me very confused as to how the C6 is shedding C5 lbs - if it really is. Five inches shorter with fixed lights (larger rear glass) will NOT save 150 lbs from a C5 Coupe! It's easy to see why some posters are not giving up on the Al HF frame, regardless of what has been posted. The Coupe / Vert has no Ti exhaust, no CF body panels, how the heck are they going to shed pounds?

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thanks for the info :)

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Way to go Islandhopper!!! I never get tired of looking at those pics! I really can't wait to see it from all angles but it seems that GM hit this one out of the park! :D:thumbsup:
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