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Real-time Traffic Information?

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I just read the article "Nav 101" from the latest (Summer 2007) Corvette Quarterly. On page 49, it mentions that the NAV "system will display traffic congestion or road construction in real time". This is new to me!

Does this imply it receives real-time traffic information from such sources as XM Navtraffic (the only US car is Cadillac CTS) or Clear Channel's digital FM Real-time Traffic Information as on the BMW?

On page 51, it mentions "Future Corvettes may include ...real-time traffic updates". I would hope that this feature could be added to existing NAV-XM systems via software update.
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I hope its a surprise addition to the 08! :partyon:
I have that on my Garmin Novi 660's... pretty cool! Haven't had a chance to play with it extensively though...
GM needs to get up to par with their electronics and navs. Acura and Benz already have similar systems.
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