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Let me start by stating I'm NO mechanic.
and i know diagnosing issues over the internet is a all but impossible but i'm hoping for some advice.
I have a local mechanic. but right now i cant afford the $90 an hour rate

1978 l-48 silver anniversary with a intermittent grinding\rubbing noise from driver's side rear. it almost feels like something catching? only occurs after 25-30 minutes of driving. My first thought was the brakes were not releasing correctly (ALL parking brake hardware removed by previous owner)

checked caliper and it appeared fine. rotor had seen better days and was very slightly warped. so i replaced both rear rotors and pads.
drove great till about the 35 minute mark then the sound reappeared.

so now im stuck. i dont know what else to check. i thought rear bearings but the sound isnt a squeal and i didn't think they would take 30 miles of driving to start showing signs of failure.
could it be the differential maybe. but it only comes from drivers side.

any help\advice or even just encouragement would help.
sorry so long winded

Thnx in advance
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