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rear hub assembly

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I need to replace the left rear hub assembly. It makes a grinding noise when you accel down the road.

Has anyone had to replace this unit. How hard is it. I have the books but they don't give any real directions. It is on a 89 coupe. The ebrake is on the caliper not the hub. It looks to be that three bolts hold it own from the back side.

Does anyone have pictures or know where I can get the pics and directions?
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Its not hard, really. Just jack her up, take wheel off, break loose the 38mm spindle nut. Then disconnect u joints on half shaft next to Dana 36/44 rearend. Then loosen and take off the camber bar on the side next to spindle (closest to wheel, and this will prevent you needing a realignment). Take off brake caliper, and then take off rotor) Then loosen and take out the bolts holding the hub in). SLide the half shaft out and it will bring out the hole hub out towards the rear.
I am doing this off of memory. The half shaft can be disconnected from the hub once out.
Hope this helps. Steve
did mine a month ago. no need to pull half dhaft out. just pull wheel. remove caliper and rotor. remove cotter pin and cover frombig nut and remove. then remove 3 trx #55 bolts from hub and then it will come off car. you will have to rotate the half shaft to get to the 3 bolts. did both sides in 4 hrs. first one took 2.5 and 2nd 1.5 hrs after i got my system dialed in
SDOWNY is right. I've done all mine, and you don't need to remove the half shaft. Not hard to do at all. Can be done in an evening. If you have any more questions, just ask.:thumbsup:
Thanks Guys. :thumbsup: I got my parts in today and will be working on it this evening. I took the wheels off and had a look. It seems the bolts that hold the hub on and screwed in from the back side. Hope I don't have to take the shafts out. I'll keep you informed.

I'm glad to see there are a bunch of you that do your own work. Most of the guys that I work with just pay to have someone do it. What's the fun in that!!!!
Buy a good torx bit, I broke three of them. :thud:
yes they srew in from the inside of the hub. if you rotate thw half shaft you can get the bolts with a 6 inch extension. they are tight. i used a electric impact and had no problems at all.
Got air impact and extension. I need to get one more of the torque scew head sockets just in case.
hrdest part getting gun in between the spring, half shaft and lined up right....
hrdest part getting gun in between the spring, half shaft and lined up right....
I disagree.. the hardest part of the work when I did mine was to quick bsing with my friends and drinking there beer.. :cheers:
that bot that hard...if it was your beer maybe
Well, I was able to do a little work on the vette this weekend. Come to find out it was the u-joints in the half shaft that were bad. Guess I'll never listen to that shop again. Took two trips to Auto***e to get the correct u-joints. I'll get them installed Monday night. Still got to do something about the exhaust.
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