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First, let me give some further info. I have a healthy 406 in my vette, making 500+ HP.

My curent rear suspension:

-100% poly bushings
-VBP trailing arms
-VBP adjustable struts
-Carrera 3 way adjustable shocks (set at 2)
-VBP 360# spring
-VBP 3/4" sway bar
-VBP rear diff locator discs
-Spicer 1350 u joints
-custom made 3" half shafts

Here is a pic:

When my vette had a TH400 auto transmission, I never, ever, ever, had any rear wheel hop issues. No matter what, smoke the tires all day long, no wheel hop.

Converted my vette to a 5spd with a TKO600, and now I have bad rear wheel hop under heavy to WOT in first and second gear. No other changes to anything else.

What is the cause of this? Does an automatic with it's fluid coupling act as a sort of shock absorber? How do I eliminate this issue?!?!?
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