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Removing Brake Lights!

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The worst has happened my blackouts failed inspection. They are the ones from mid america that tape on. How can I remove the rear brake lamps so I can get these things off.
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There are two screws on both sides of the tail lights. Unscrew those and you'll have the housings in your hands in 10 seconds.:thumbsup:

But... you may have to destroy your blackout kit if they go over the holes.
If they cover the screws you might try using a piece of monument fishing line. if that don't work you may have to drill the covers to get to the tail light screws...
Thanks guys line thats a good idea, yeah they cover the screws so the back ones might have to go. That sucks im gonna miss them they looked sweet. But on the brightside they can look cheap, you can see the tape circles when turned on. Atleast I still ahve the fronts!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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