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Removing Electrical Harness on Mirror

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How do you pull the electrical harness out of the back of the mirror? I'm trying to install my new invisicord and can't see where to plug the wires in with the harness still in the mirror. Thanks.
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You have a C6 Corvette, so the motor must be running while this procedure is being done.The mirror wiring harness is rectangular shaped. On the upper edge there is a tab that must be pinched down firmly, and held down, while you pull the harness out by the wires. I stress the "firmly" because it's in tight, and must be pinched down hard, and held down, to release the harness. After its out, turn it around so you can see the wires. Insert the "green" wire of your invisicord just "above" the black wire in the harness. Insert the "red" wire of your invisicord just "below" the "center" pink wire in the harness. (There are 2 pink wires in the harness, use the one in the "center" of the harness.) Insert the blades from the invisicord "strongly" so they stay put. Your done! Snap the harness back in the mirror, and be on your way. It's really easy, even though it seems like this...:thumbsup:

I have 3 pink wires in my mirror, any suggestions which is the 'hot'?
I have actually tried them all and no power to the Val.
The orange wire was 'hot' so im set thanks for the info :)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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