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I am still running into issues with the webhost getting back with me. So I got tired of waiting. At least for now I am going to host this on my mobileme account for you all.

This is the newest edition of my Restoration Spreadsheet. Available free to you all. I hope that this helps to get a few more of our old beauties on the road.

Version 1.1 Additions and changes.

-Locked the cells that you shouldn't be changing. They are not password protected so anyone who wants to change stuff can simply unlock them and you are good to go.

-Added a Vendor page.

-Added a lookup from the Vendor page on the Overview page.

-Added expenditure graph to the Overview page.

Version 1.2 Additions and Changes

- Added Shipment page.

- Fixed a minor error in spreadshet lock.

Version 1.2a Bug repair.
- Fixed missing variable in totalizer for overview page. If you do not wish to download this spreadsheet. Simply unlock the overview page. then input in cell E2 =SUM(B8:B21)

If you care to make a donation you can do that here. I have a couple of really great ideas for further projects. Any incentive to make them sure would help.

Donate Through PayPal

The mobile me file link is here:
Restoration Expense Tracker
password: corvette

It has been great working on this project for you all. I hope this helps! Also, feel free to post additions and changes that you would like here. I will continue to update this as interest dictates.


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I just found a minor bug in one of my formulas. It is fixed in the current download file. You can either upgrade to that one. Or just fix the formula yourself. Instructions are on the first post. under Updates for Version 1.2a
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