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Hey guys,

Got some bad news, I guess. I was driving to school and on the way i guess reverse went out. Strange seeing that I was in 6th gear, but anyway it is gone. As I was driving the car was on cruise control at 75 and then it started bucking and then returned to normal about 2 minutes later it did it again, then I heard metal making some weird noises from the location that my clutch would be at. I noticed smoke(a small amount) coming up the passenger floor boards. I pulled it over and shut it down. I didn't see any damage or fluid that would cause the smoke. I looked it over and started it up to just listen and wasn't making any noises. I drove it easy the rest of the way to school. It started making the clanking noises again and then it all went away and drove like perfect. I parked in the parking garage and went to take my test, which I think I aced :partyon: . I went back to the car to investigate a little more, but couldn't see anything at all, which now I realize that I wouldn't. I proceeded to try and put it in reverse. It felt like it, but not quite. I then tried to back up and the car just reved a little and no movement. I pushed it out and put it in first and it drove fine. Actually felt great all the way home. So it appears that only my reverse is out and the earliest I can get it rebuilt will be next Friday. I am now stuck with a dilemma. What rebuild kit do I buy? How difficult is it? While I'm in there I'm going to do the clutch as well. Anybody have a timeframe on this project? I am technically inclined to do it, per my previous escapades. From what I've gathered over the years, manual transmissions are way easy to rebuild then an automatic, which takes a little of the fear out of it.

Thanks guys,

Josh Bice
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