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Thanks for your business know I havebeen busy covering the event ( where others did not) and my calls have been an average of 30 minutes or more since I got back.

I have been trying to call as promised, and because you misunderstood a post weeks ago, I wanted to post, because after calling 3 different numbers several times buddy, I cannot reach you and neither have VM:huh:

I know it's months before anyone gets the 2008's , but there are an awful lot of questions and I want to get you in line ealry as we discussed. I have so much on my plate with a new baby coming next week,etc,tec.. did not want you to think I am not trying...just before this post, called your cell and no luck:thud:

I'll be online later if you'd like to email me [email protected] or call MY cell 440-320-5741

I know you love Dc and hang out here often, so this was my best shot before I leave town Monday,

Thanks for your continued support and future business consideration -
rock on!:partyon:
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