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this type is far easiers to line up to the block surface at a slight angle that allows the rings to partly pop out from under its lower edge just as the rings leave the lower edge of the compressor and enter the cylinders bore, now Im not saying you can,t do it, just that its far easier to do it correctly with this type of ring compressor.

heres more piston and ring info you might use

look here (K B hyper pistons)
total seal
other info"
these are the type ring compressors I normally use because they are almost fool-proof[/url]
these also work well most of the time"""]"[]
this style is a sure way to screw things up if your not very careful]

Ive used a dremel and the side of a cut off wheel for years to touch up ring gaps,but the correct tools are so damn cheap its not worth buying someting else if thats what you have as a main use for the tool. and keep in mind that its MUCH HARDER to screw up the rings if your NOT SURE what your doing with the CORRECT TOOL!
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