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ragvette said:
Rodney, thanks for the post.

What you have here is R&T's "photoshop" of the Pontiac Solstice concept car. They, like many of us here, have taken rumor and comments from the Corvette design folks and attempted to make a plausible image of the C6. The fact that they are a national publication provides more credibility for what they show I suppose.

I do find it interesting however, that those who have taken the recently published Chevy SS concept and have scaled it down to suggest how it might translate into the C6, have shown many unintentional similarities to R&T's C6/Solstice work. Personally I don't mind the overall form of the R&T car, But they should have tried A LOT harder with the grille/air intake and the side cove/vent to make it more
C O R V E T T E. With some work, it could be a lot like a modernized C2.

I think I'm going to make this MY next photoshop project.

Thanks again. Keep posting!!! :D

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Re: Re: Road & Track Article about the C6.

bkuper said:
Here's thy concept I promised you...

Hey! This post snuck in!

I love the tush of your car and the glass MUCH better brian. but, the front end still doesn't look "corvette" to me.... ?

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Brian, thanks for posting.

It's amazing that you can do that with Photoshop. Excellent job.

I’m still a fan of the hidden headlights. Guess that’s the Corvette feel for me. The side of the car needs more lines especially towards the rear. Otherwise the car looks good.

Really can’t wait until the C6 is released.
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