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DeSantis proposing 'anti-mob' legislation to expand Florida's 'stand your ground' law

Gov. DeSantis wants 'Stand Your Ground' expanded

Florida's DeSantis moves to allow citizens to shoot looters, rioters targeting businesses
this legal right to self-defense,
would only be applied to people obviously under the immediate obvious threat,
and on the property, they had every reason to defend

make it legal to shoot looters and arsonists targeting your business

if you work your whole life to build a neighborhood business,
and some criminal retarded social scum,
decides to loot your inventory or burn it to the ground,
because of something you had zero to do with,
looters and arsonists, in the act of looting or arson,
should be able to be shot on the spot
police or the property owner or business personal defending the business,
in defense of your life's work,
and property, legally with zero questions, and no questions asked or legal recourse by looters and arsons families

not just your home..

the liberals are sure to have a complete melt down & **** fit
over that suggestion
yes it inevitably leads to more home invaders, burglars and carjackers being shot
, I think most of us can live with that little issue raising the gun shot statistics

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