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I really like the Ron Fellows stripes! I currently have a white car and they
would look great on it. (Saw one yesterday - on display - at the Barrett
Jackson Auction in West Palm Beach.)

However, on the left fender one has the “Ron Fellows writing” on it. The
right ones are both clear. Frankly, I’d like a set without the writing! I know
most of you will disagree and want his name. (I don’t dislike him, I just
think the writing distracts from the over-all slick appearance.)

These stripes really sharpen the vette’s sporty looks!

Just wondering how quick will some vendor will have them available
without the Ron Fellows logo. Who will be first? (Without a name,
stripes certainly can’t be trademarked.) I won’t put them on my 06 now
but certainly will on my 08!

Big Jimm
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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