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RPS has proven itself to be among the best in aftermarket clutches for the C5 & C6. We’ve been using them behind everything from H/C cars to boosted big cube combinations with great success for more than 2 years now. With only a moderate increase in pedal pressure, the RPS units show great drivability and exceptional holding power.

For a limited time we received approval to offer these clutches for a special Pricing…. As always installation is available…call or PM me for installation rates.

Pricing is included below:

RPS Street Twin Carbon

The RPS Street Twin Carbon was designed and engineered especially for the LSX powered Corvette, Cadillac, Camaro, and GTO. This clutch uses a patented, non-warping, carbon floater plate with an exclusive light weight twin disc system. Both clutch discs have the RPS carbon on carbon friction material on the floater plate side (to match the carbon material on each side of the floater) and a high grade organic material on the pressure plate and flywheel side of each clutch disc. This combination makes for a great high horsepower street clutch with smooth engagement, easy pedal pressure and quiet operation. This corvette clutch kit is rated to 800rwhp and effortless 7000 rpm shifts. If you want to get big power to the ground, be able to have smooth shifts in excess of 5k rpms and keep your car a joy to drive, this is the clutch for you. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL RPS CLUTCHES ARE FULLY REBUILDABLE!!!

List- $1695
ECS Sale Price - $1489

RPS Street Twin Carbon Lite

The “Lite” version replaces the original cast iron casting in the pressure plate with an aluminum piece that has the RPS exclusive carbon friction material attached to the face. The Street Twin Lite weighs in at only 32lbs making it an excellent corvette clutch for Road Racing or Drag Racing without sacrificing the streetability for every day driving. This clutch uses the same patented, non-warping, carbon floater plate with an exclusive light weight twin disc system present in the Street Twin Carbon.

List- $1895
ECS Sale Price - $1639

RPS Billet Carbon Street Twin

Is taking the car to the drag strip or road course your deal? RPS is proud to introduce its all new Billet Street Twin Carbon clutch with its “Strapless” lightweight billet clutch cover and billet pressure plate. This design allows us to reduce the weight of the entire clutch and flywheel assembly to an incredible 25lbs with our billet aluminum flywheel or 32lbs with our billet steel flywheel. Both clutches use our special flat finger diaphragm for smooth and predicable 7000 RPM plus shifts. Our liberal use of Formula One inspired carbon-carbon friction material results in a lightweight clutch with unmatched long term durability. This clutch is rated to 900rwhp.

With Steel Flywheel:
List- $2495
ECS Sale Price - $2099

RPS Billet Triple Carbon

The Ultimate high RPM, MONSTER POWER street and race triple disc clutch. This clutch uses RPS's innovative "strapless" cover design and patented, non-warping carbon floater system as well as a fully CNC'd lightweight billet steel flywheel. If you have up to 1,400 rwhp, then this is the clutch for you!! This clutch has carbon on both sides of all three discs, both floaters, as well as carbon in the flywheel and pressure plate. Weight: 36 lbs.

List - $3495
ECS Sale Price - $ 2799

ALL C6’s will Need an RPS Bearing Adapter…. Add $100

ECS Clutch Bleeder Kits are also available for $89.00

Contact [email protected]
or [email protected]
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