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...technically. OK I kinda tricked you. BUT I promise to clear and no tricks going forward. NO Fake news....

1. BG is officially running 4day/10hour shifts at BG that leaves Friday as an open day for maintenance or ...something else.
2. Prior to the release of the C7, a production program called the Integrated Vehicle Engineering Research program was practiced. the goal is to enable various component design engineers to test and verify that certain parts fit the cars as designed during the assembly process. About 85 IVERs were built during the C7’s development. These were 'produced' in several different batches at different times and as the problem part designs were improved until production-ready.
3. Because the C7 and the C8 are to be produced side by side ON THE SAME ASSEMBLY LINE, the C8 IVERs are sandwiched between C7s (in front and in back on the BG assembly line).

Another website has reported that they have confirmed from multiple sources that an IVERs BG run occurred on Friday, July 13 (Engineers are not superstitious) and those sources also said that another IVERs run was completed on August 10.

Opinion about facts:
For a couple of Generations, Corvette got a reputation that strongly suggested buyers should wait until year 2 of a New Generation before buying a new Vette. Whether you think that reputation was earned or not, it is clear that for a few generations, Corvette engineering is doing their best NOT to use buyers as test engineers. Yes, I know problems still happen on customers' cars (overheating on SC cars prominent among them), but today's cars are tremendously complicated. They include significantly more computing power than any of the Apollo Spacecraft had on board, have far more safety devices than ever before AND buyers expect much more from their cars than in the past.

Although we are all anxious to see the C8 at our local dealers, the IVER program is a great innovation and is time and money well spent.
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