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I own a 2008 Zo6, motor was replaced with texas speed
440 str. I have long tube headers, high flow cats ,BB fusion
muffler, fast manafold, ported/ polished heads. high lift street cam,
dual plate clutch and fly wheel assembly that weighs
about 23 lbs lighter then stock.
My Problem, when I come to a stop car starts to go into a runaway Idle 1700-1800 rpm I can knock it down if I dump on the AC most of the time or just leave the AC on.
I have seen over Three different tuners, they have all pretty much given up on me. They all get my car to stop do the
run away thing then after severalweeks it just tunes itself out.
Throdle bodys have been chaanged several times with no effect,new OX sensors,new mass airflow sensor replaced
no effect. Its been almost a year I need help willing to pay
anyone to get this right for me , the car is fantastic in every other way, Frustrated! ED

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sounds like possible cam surge
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