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Running with no air dam

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Ok, I know it doesn't look kool with no air dam. But, is there any problem in running without a front air dam? Speeds are anywhere from 35 around town to 80 on the freeway. I didn't realize it when I bought it, but I think my '94 has a lowering kit. My '84 has a lot more clearance especially when exiting my driveway. Does anyone know the stock height of a '94 front end? And where do you measure it to?
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The air dam exists to keep air out from under the car (becoming more important as speed increases), and to deflect air toward the cooling system (more efficient as speed increases).

My guess is that at lower speeds, your coolant temp may increase sooner (but probably not much faster), and that you may wind up running the fans a bit longer. It wil also take longer to bring the coolant temperatures down to 195 - 197 when you go from stop and go to highway speeds.

With respect to stock ride heights, you can find that information in the GM Factory Service Manual (sold by Helm - there's a sticky at the beginning of the C4 Tech Section giving links to buying the FSM. The manual tells what the heights are as well as where to take the measurements.

I can take a look in my FSM and see what the ride height is for a '95 - I can't imagine that it would be significantly different.

:thumbsup: Thanks OldVette. No rush though. I'll be checking back in 30 seconds. Oops, I forgot. It's Memorial Day. I'll check back later.

Thanks to all my brothers in the Corp. and to all the other branches of the service. We remember you more than one day a year. Thanks for serving so we can stay free.

Semper Fi

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If you have the stock stat, keep an eye on the temp guage. I ran my 87 twice w/o the air dam and the temps were real warm (220-230) for having a 160 stat and fans on at 200.
There hasn't been an airdam on my car since probably back in 1985. May still be laying on a parking lot curb that the original owner lost it on. :laughing:

I've owned it now for four years and haven't had any heating problems. Keep the radiator area clean and coolant fresh. Eventually I will get a new center spoiler (whether factory or something aftermarket) but there's plenty more important things I'd rather do.

Thanks guys. I feel much better now. I just removed it today and have driven it about 25 miles. Not quite enough to measure the increase in temperature. I bought this from Corvette Mike in Anaheim, CA. They didn't know if it had the stock thermostat. Is there a way to tell?

The only thing my wife is concerned about is if it will still look good with the dam removed. That's a girl for you. :thud:
I don't know why mine got so hot. :huh: The only way I would think you could tell which stat you have is if you removed it.

The front end is so low to the ground I don't think anyone would notice unless it was being judged at car show.
I'm not so sure they would judge my car they might be staring at it deciding whether to tow it or not.:laughing:
It's been about a year since I lowered my car, and I've pretty well worn the air dam off to where it clears everything now :laughing:
This is why i refuse to lower mine. I have the longer bolts in the rear, but iI screwed them up to factory highth.
I've pretty well worn the air dam off to where it clears everything now
:rolling: :rolling: :rolling:
I drove around for 5 years in my 89 coupe without an air dam and there was no effect on coolant temps whatsoever.
No one has mentioned rain yet? I would worry about water to a certain extent on puddles and deep areas. You probably won't have a heating problem unless you sit at redlights or drive thru's.
I hadn't thought about water. I can understand why you did. You guys get your share during the year. Whereas we folks in the land of extreme drought would like a little more. Now that it's summer I won't have to be concerned about rain for another 6 months or so. I am going to put another dam on but not quite yet. I have to figure a way in and out of my driveway without scrapping.
87+ degree days here in alabama with no rain for 4 or more weeks.:thud:
Ok. So you're getting close to us. But we are having what we call "May Gray". Fog for most of the day. Then we go into "June Gloom". Anyway, new air dam sometime in the future.
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