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So here at Purdue the grand prix is tomorrow. The day before we set up carts to display and have a car show. A guy shows up from Indy Raceway Park with Indy 500 pace car #25. Boy was he in for a shocker, he had no clue about anything about the car. I was kinda asking him questions feeling out his knowledge. Turns out he didn't know anything he didn't even know that only 500 were being produced. Needless to say it felt great to pass on my knowledge of the car, plus i looked like a badass sitting in it.:partyon:

Oh yea GM did a shitty job paint matching the fuel rail covers.

And they are bringing 6 of them to the race tomorrow so I'll get some close ups for you guys as i didn't have my camera today.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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