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Seat back sides

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Question: Does anyone know the cause of the seatback sides that adjust up against your ribs on each side opening back up on its own? I'm not a large guy and like to keep the sides tight so I don't move around in the seat. I drive alot of curvy roads on my way to work(2 lane backroad left,right,left,right for about 45 minutes. :D When I adjust the seat tight aganst my ribs, it slowly goes right back to the open position.??:huh:
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Do you have the memory feature.
Yes, if you mean the 1/2 button on the drivers door.
Have you tried resetting the memory. My C5 went a little squirrelly every once in a while. I would move every thing as far out as I could then reset the seat to fit me. And then reset the memory. Its worth a shot. let us know if it helps.
Does it happen slowly or quickly?
Slowly might mean there is an air leak in the system. Does the pump keep running?
I had my seats apart and they are just two heavy plastic bags with plastic hose lines.:cheers:
:huh: Slowly.....that seems like it would be it. How difficult was it to get to them?
:huh: Slowly.....that seems like it would be it. How difficult was it to get to them?
Well, I got to them when I put the Vette Essentials interior in. It wasn't really that hard. If you go to "" they have writeups on how to strip off your leathers to change seat covers. You can use it as a guide.
There are only four nuts holding the seat down. And a plug to unplug.
Once you see the innards of your seat it really is pretty simple to find the leak. Just place the seat back in the car and plug it back in so you can watch for the leak. Maybe use just a little soap solution on any suspected areas. If it bubbles up, that's it!
Just try to make sure to eliminate other causes before you go through all of that!:cheers:
Word of caution take your seat out and put it back VERY slowly as it is so easy to bump your paint with that scratchy frame!
Good luck!
Thanks! I'll put it on my list for this weekend!:cheers:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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