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Seat Belt chime/light possible problem?

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I am thinking about installing some sparco 4 point harness seat belts in my car.If I take out the Gm seat belts will I get the light and the chime function going off everytime I drive the car?
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Yes. But do you really need to remove the stock belts? I kept mine.

When I first installed my 5 point Simpson harness, I kept the stock seat and stock belts. I use the stock belts when driving on the street. At the track I would use the harness and get the warning light. I was playing around with the idea of making a dummy seat belt clasp to put into the recepticle to fool the car into thinking the seat belt was fastened. But then I replaced the stock seat and the problem went away. Turns out that the stock seat has a computer in it that controls the seat belt monitoring function. Without the stock seat, I never get the warning light any longer, even when I'm not wearing the stock belts.

Thanks Roy, that's good info to know
I found a plug wire down by the seat track next to the buckle side that will disable the chime function but not the light when its unplugged.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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