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I'm reposting my original message because I think it was in the wrong forum oringinally.

Hello All -

I am in the US military and moving to Germany this month. I am bringing my 2004 C5 with me. Unfortunately, US military members are only allowed to register two vehicles in Germany. My wife will have one, and I will have one. With kids on the way soon, my real "baby" is very practical anymore.

I am exploring the option of selling my C5 in Germany.

Does anyone know if it is possible to sell as US-spec corvette in Germany?
Are there any taxes involved?
Are there any USAEUR restrictions on selling US cars imported in conjunction with a change of station?
How much does a C5 sell for in Europe?
Is there a website that specializes in selling pre-owned Corvettes in Europe?

My C5 is in great condition and has low mileage.

I appreciate any comments/suggestions anyone may have.


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i spent four years in germany, i loved it. first if you have lean on your C5 before you can ship it you have to get a letter from the lean holder stating that you can ship it out of the country. there are no problems with selling american spec cars in europe. but if you buy a car in germany and dont pay american taxes on it and try to ship i back to the states be prepared to dish out some money when you go to register it. i bought a new car in germany, brought it back to the states and had to pay $1500 in taxes before i could register it. that is my experiance. here is the web site to the provost marshal that will answer all your questions i am assuming that you are in the army. before you sell it i hope you take it for a good rip down the autobohn. i hope this helps
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