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Stupid dirt-bags...
They want this crap after effing up the San Joaquin Valley so they can use it for a 'solar farm' in the guise of protecting a minnow. Now over 80% of our produce HAS to be imported from South America or China...
Your witnessing our government Betray it's people

Right before your very eyes

It all Makes you want to go serve in a War that has been going on for far too long (Badly Managed, By Poor Leadership)

Ohhh yeah lets rob american kids by allowing Illegal aliens to apply for student loans

What a P.O.S they have allowed this country to become:nuts:

Don't accept their 2 party scam next election

Vote independant,

If the candidate is a "True American Patriot"

These guys in office now are Traitors and will do or say anything to acheive re-election

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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