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Serpentine belt replacement

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Anybody have any advice on how to replace the belt on my '94 coupe ?
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defrye, you'll have to release the tension on the idler pulley to get the belt off. You'll need a ratchet and socket to grab the bolt and turn it clockwise to release tension. Once the tension is released I always use the alternator as the point of removal and install.

Here's a LARGE photo I found of what I'm saying....:surprised :laughing:

Pay attention to how the belt is routed so you can put the new one on in the same way. In my experience, I always found the crank pulley was a PIA to line up. I always double check that area before I put the tension back on the idler. Hope this helps.

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Make sure you get the correct length belt. If the idler pully is back all the way and you still can't get the belt on, then you have the wrong size. Autozone sold me 2 wrong belts for my 95. Mine uses a 67
.5" belt. They got an ear full. :whip:
If your '94 is like my '92, make sure to check if you need a
two-sided ribbed belt if the tensioner and idler pulley have ribs.
On the '92 there's a label on the left side of the radiator shroud
warning about this.

None of my local auto part stores had the two-sided belt;
I had to order it from the dealer.
The 92-93 are the only 2 sided belts for the C4. They cost $60+ usually
GM did have a retro-fit kit for 92-93 vettes to convert to a single-side groove serp belt, only done IF the owner complained abt noise --the conversion was dealer installed at no charge to the car owner... 10 year drop per GM policy this may no longer be available--anybody tried recently ??
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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