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OK all you SBC motor guru's. I bent two pushrods last weekend. Both on number one cylinder, pushrod was eaten into by the guide plate. I had adjustable guide plates, with 3/8" rocker studs. All was tight. The guides had not been welded and had not moved. Was wondering why it ran ruff. Anyways. I'm going to upgrade. Going with 3/8" pushrods for sure. But my question is should I go with shaft mount or stud mount rockers, should I go with self aliening or use the guide plates.
I have a set of NKB 205 heads. I like them and they work for my application. This is not a high HP motor. My lift is only around 500. The springs are set up for max lift of .625. I have a hyd roller cam and roller rockers. I've never bent pushrods before. So I'm blaming the issue on me not setting up the guides correctly. I had side wear on the roller rocker tip that was evident. I now see this on a few other rockers as well. Going to replace them all.
I noticed that the distance between the valves is 1.89" and the rocker studs are about 1.77", I know that the lifters are about 1.56".

Is this standard distances on center to center?
When getting shaft mounted rockers that are self aliening I see that the rockers are perpendicular to the intake and exhaust valve and the pushrod placement on the rockers are offset (makes since). I know that shaft mounted is overkill for the street (car never sees the track). Or should I just go with 7/16" studs and get 3/8" pushrods and roller rockers that are self aliening?
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