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I took my C6, 2007, to my dealer for it's first service at 3500 miles just before Memorial Day weekend. When I got it home and went to shut it off the DIC message read " shift to park". I moved the shifter from Park to Drive a few times and the message finally cleared and I was able to shut the car off. The following day the message reappeared every time I went into Park. The problem persisted all weekend.
I thought that when they serviced it they must have moved some sensor. I took the car back to the dealer today and the darn car was back to normal when I got there. Never flashed the "shift to park" message all morning. They hooked the car to the computer and everything check normal according to the code. They also said there is no external sensor on the transmission on th '07 that would cause the problem.
So, my question is, has anyone but me run into this problem??? I know what it was doing and even had my wife try to shut the car off and she got the same message. My dealer looks at me like I am stupid. Could be I guess.
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