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Side Pipe Install

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Hi all. Looking for general instructions for installing side pipes to a non-side pipe 65 Vette. I have complete kit, just looking for pointers, etc. Metal tabs, bend back, cutoff & so on?

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Which type on side pipes?

With hooker pipes you should get away with not touching the tabs. The header flange might need to be ground down if they contact the bolts for the heads. I have studs on my heads and had to grind a bit off. The sidepipes cleared everything else.

If they are the stock style, I have heard that you need to cut off the tab on the front fender. As for the metal tabs I have heard that some got away with bending the tabs up but others had to cut them off. If you cut them off make sure you keep the tab so they could be welded back on if you decide the noise is to loud or you want to convert back for originality.

They are the stock style from Long Island Corvette Supply. Thanks for you're help.
I cut my tabs off but saved them. The 65 assembly manual, from Mid America I think, had all the technical drawings for the sidepipe install. I even riveted my front brackets, like the factory did.:thumbsup:
Sidepipe Install

Hi! There is an interesting article on installing the Hooker side pipes in the December 2004 issue of Corvette Fever Magazine. It's called "Pulchritudinous Pipes". The articles deals with stainless steel pipes but I don't think they're available in SS anymore. However the installation tips are still valid.

Good Luck,

Phil Erikson

P.S. Let me know if you can't find the magazine - I can fax you a copy of the article.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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