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Six Shooter - Six Pack Barry Grant/Demon Manifold install

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Fresh out of the shop - here it the lastest project.

You are looking at Barry Grant's new SIX SHOOTER manifold installed on our project 69 Vette.

This manifold claims 13 more hp than a torquer and it actually fits under the hood. We found a custom 2" instead of the 3" supplied air filter and cut the mounting bolt down to clear.

The kit comes with everything but the car throttle cable to manifold linkage and t-stat. Installation was as easy as any intake swap. We also installed a Summit Racing 6 AL box, high fire coil, and billet distributor and custom electronic tach with shift light.

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Nice looking! I think that I would figure out a steel line fuel feed. It looks like you used teflon tape for the one fitting. never use TT for fuel lines one little piece coming loose when you thread it in can block a passage in the metering block or boosters
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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