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This is another freaky bike. It is three-wheeled vehicle with a
monster tyre up front and it is human powered. Strong legs are
required for this machine to be moved, making it very
unpractical for use. Actually, walking is way faster than this,
even if the driver is very strong. However, it could be very funny
to try driving this, never mind what your strength is. It was
created in Netherlands.

....or this one......:laughing:

Rick Dobbertin from New York wanted to travel all around the
world by only one vehicle. It was impossible with today’s
technology because there’s no vehicle that could be driven via
land and sea, so he had wait for the car industry to improve a
lot. He wasn’t very patient, so invented one on his own. He
created the Surface Orbiter from a milk truck, which took him
4 years, $175,000 and 14,000 hours of work. Allegedly,
Dobbertin is now working on a new project, called hydrocar.
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