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Spare Parts

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I'm trying to identify a couple used parts. Can anyone offer some advice on identifying a jack and side glass? I'm pretty sure the jack is from a C3 but don't know what year or if it matters. The side glass does not say Astro Vent so I'm not sure if it is replacement glass or if the label wasn't on later C3's.
Thanks for any help you can offer
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I was just reading the NCRS guide on this. Like 6880/mike said the astroventillation was dropped at the end of '74 but some carried over to use up stock on early '75. side glass should be two place date coded and (IIRC) coded as M74 (coupe) or M75 ('vert). If you want I can verify the date and use codes tonight when i get home. The easiest way to tell orig glass is the smooth or wet look to the edges not rough or frosted.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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