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I'm trying to identify a couple used parts. Can anyone offer some advice on identifying a jack and side glass? I'm pretty sure the jack is from a C3 but don't know what year or if it matters. The side glass does not say Astro Vent so I'm not sure if it is replacement glass or if the label wasn't on later C3's.
Thanks for any help you can offer
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Do the jack look like this? Lug wrench is the thing in the center. It's from my 78'.
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As a matter of fact it does look like that. It even has the rubber deally on the lug wrench. So that is probably correct for 77 to 82?:huh:

I would think so. In looking through a restoration guide, it looks like only the 68' was different. It had a smaller base 6"x4" where all the others are 9"x5"
The Astro-Ventilation door glasses were used on the earlier cars; plain glass on the later cars. Sorry, but I can't recall the year the Astro-Ventilaiton was dropped.

Jacks and jack handles are the same except for the '68s.

My advice would be to purchase the assembly instruction manual for your year. The AIM contains diagrams of how the car was assembled and original part numbers. Having part numbers helps considerably when chasing parts, especially if running changes occurred during the production run.

Found some info on the glass. "Corvette restoration Guide" Book says the "Astro Ventilation" on the side glass was eliminated toward the end of the 1974 model run.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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