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spark plug wire diagram

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Looking for a spark plug wire diagram coming off of the distrubtor to match up to the cylinders for a 1988 C4. I got the cylinders numbers, just need a diagram for the distubtor. Any help would be great.
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ill do a scan as soon as possible..... hopefully (for your sake) in the meantime someone will beat me to it:thumbsup:
The firing order is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2, and the distributor turns clockwise. If you haven't removed the distibutor, #1 on the cap should point toward the #1 cylinder. Front one on the drivers side. The drivers side cylinders are odd numbers,(1-3-5-7). Passenger side is(2-4-6-8), starting from the front of the engine.
what he saud, also number one is the second term from wire hook up area going clockwise
The manual says #1 hook up for the distrubutor is the front driver side first post on distrubtor? This correct. I just wish there was a complete wiring diagram??
diagram sucks about as bad as the discriptions.... i try to find one for you Plug Wiring.pdf
here one better then the one i got
I have 86 corvette with with a carburetor they removed multi port fuel in jection won't run with pumping axelcelator real fast and won't idle like its starving for fuel it has a black electric fuel pump can eany body help ??
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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