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Well Back Again
( Started W/ A Base 350 All Orginal Auto)
Got The Zz4 In And Running Great Now Just Not Fast Enough Off The Line
Have A 308 Gear In The Rear Changing It Out To A 373
Not Sure What The Drivin Gear For The Spedo Is ,in The Turbo 400
Think Its A 16 Teeth
26" High Tires Stock Drivin Gear (16?) If It Is A 16 I Figure I Need A 41 Drive Gear (yellow)
Anybody Confirm I'm Going In The Right Direction Before I Tear In To The Old Vette Again
Ps Sold The C5

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From my experience in messing with old street rods, your best bet would be to put it all together and drive it at about 60. Have someone drive beside you (a four lane road would be good here:laughing: ) going 60 and see just how far you are off. One tooth is equal to about 5mpg so you can adjust from there. You can also go to the junkyard and get a reducer for the cable. It is a little offset piece that screws to the tranny and the cable screws into it. The side gear on both the TH350 and TH400 can be changed from the outside of the tranny. To change the onside gear you need to pull the tail shaft off but that isn't anything more than pulling the drive shaft and removing the 4 bolts that hold the tail shaft section on. In reality you can probably find a reduce in the right ratio. They ate all marked, i.e. 1.23, 1.31, .983, etc. Do the math and find the percentage difference between your speed and the other car and look for one close to that
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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