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Speedo running too fast!

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My speedo seems to be running a bit too fast and i haven't changed the gears or wheels.... just did the clutch and LG pro's last week....

what gives?
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What are you basing you true speed on?
Just slow down!! :laughing:
What are you basing you true speed on?
Haven't had a chance to check it against my friends GPS rader detector but the speed on the speed falls very slowly. i almost slow down to stand still and the speedo shows 7/8ish mph


p.s. LG Pros with de-cats def gives a positive SOTP feel. running very rich though... i need a tune but its difficult to find a good Vette tuner in the UK!
You sure you're not seing km/h??? :laughing:
Try putting your foot down a little slower....:laughing:
well what a testement to my recent header/de-cat mods. i used a GPS rader detector and guess what?????

the speeds are accurate........ third gear is amazing 100 comes up very very quickly....... running rich but its so worth it!!!

:D :D :D
Sounds like you did it right...
Great! sounds like no prob, Congrats on the longtubes!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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