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ARP ,two bolt main cap bolts will work ok at the 450hp level
but heres some splayed caps, if your interested,
be aware that your going to spend between $400-$550 in most machine shops by the time you figure on the $200 for the caps themselfs and added to the machine work expense, to get them correctly installed on a 2 bolt block,in your case its more than likely wasted money, but if you feel better knowing they are there...... well all I can say is I bite the bullet and get them installed simply because with everyones plans changing over time and a shot of nitrous as a future option in most high performance engines they add a good deal of strength
this is a great example of project cost creap, yes youll more than likely NEVER use the extra strength, and yes its more than likely wasted money, but many of us just look at it and say, hell, its a good investment in the bottom end strength... and Ill feel better knowing their there!, the money would be better spent in almost every case on better quality rods in most cases simply because rods and rod bolts fail far more often than caps do! its insane in most cases to go to the expense of splayed caps on the block if your still running stock connecting rods, invest in good quality (H) style rods with 7/16" ARP rod bolts and a STEEL CRANK before worrying about SPLAYED MAIN CAPS
HERE are the STUDS that should be used to replace the stock main cap bolts, they ate far stronger, ... don,t forget a good MILODON windage screen and a high volume oil pan, they are very important to insuring long engine life at high rpm levels

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