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got the doors back on today:excited:

thanks for the compliments guys :thumbsup:
yes this is the color i'm shooting the whole car with. i bought 3 quarts of it and after reducing it 1-1, i'll have 6 quarts.
it was $220.00 for the 3 quarts of basecoat. total for base, clear, reducer, hardner, flex, sandpaper, ect. i spent @ $600.00
labor is free:laughing:
i have a new 350 crate motor on the engine stand waiting to go in next.
then last,the interior needs some attention:(

i have some 2000 c5 rims, the thin 5 stars that i might put on the 82. they are silver now but i think they would look good painted that gunmetal color the c6 uses. i think the steel blue with the dark gunmetal c5 rims might look good together. maybe even painting the rocker covers the same color as the rims. instead of the satin black. what you guys think???
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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