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Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know we have just finished paving our new track extension, the curbing goes in this week.

The extension consists of 6/10ths of a mile of additional road course. It results in a back straight that is 2640ft long and a front straight that is 1700ft long and includes a replica of the Watkins Glen "bus stop". The turn from the back straight to the front straight includes 4 degrees of banking. There is also a quick right that rises up a hill and turns downhill near the apex. Our instructors are really excited about being able to use this new section of track to improve an already impressive experience for our students. We will be using the extension in the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School as soon as it's ready.

Below are a few pictures of the extension. I've also included a picture of one of our ZR1s, just because I think it's cool :)

To learn more about our programs feel free to PM or email me. Or you can contact Donna or Melinda at the track, 800-391-6891.


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