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I posted this on another forum but thought I might post it here as well to get the word out.

Earlier in the year, I started a process to determine whether or not Stan's Tri-Y headers would fit with a Borgeson steering conversion since the gear box was larger than the factory box. The process was recently successfully completed.

Long story short, I ended up working with Stan himself to modify his C3 headers to fit. His original design fit but touched the Borgeson box in one place and was within a 1/16" in two other places. Those headers could have been made to work by dimpling the tube for the #3 cylinder but Stan thought he could improve the clearance. Stan modified the drivers side header twice to improve the clearance. They now will fit C3s with either the factory gear box or the Borgeson box and will also fit with either straight plug heads or angled plug heads. Anyone who orders these headers in the future will get the new design.

Here's a pic showing the clearance.


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