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Ok guys, hopfully I can get some help from here. GBVETTE has agreed to help me on a few things but He's as busy as I am and cant gimi answers as fast as I ask. Anyhow I know very few things about this conversion, I know most of the parts involved but I dont know how to go about getting everything to go together.
Here is my major part list
Tonneau cover (2) [one for practice]
Hard top from a frc/z06
glass/painted targa roof.
things I dont know will work
taking the rear targa top pieces off of a coupe and putting them onto the hard top, thing is I dont know if the dimensions are the same for the frc as they are for the coupe? Can anyone verify this.

Also, i know to pull the rubber piece out of the tonneau but what kind of filler do I use or do I go with laying fiberglass cloth and adding some resin?
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