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Steering Valve...

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Morning all,

Newbie here. I've been on the Corvette Forum for a while now and have had Big Bird on the job a couple of times. Great guy.

My first question for this forum is regarding the power steering control valve for a '75 auto. I swapped out the hoses and cylinder no problem but what's the trick to swap out the valve? I see the boss end has a spline clamped via the bolt - no problem; and the bracket on the valve to the pitman arm is perpendicular to this fixing. So... how do you drop it? Do you have to undo the pitman arm as well?

Thanks guys...
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remove the steering valve tapered stud from the pitman arm, then remove the valve from the centerlink (of course also remove hoses), that's al
the balancing is done when installing, setting the valve to not assist L or R w/ the little lock nut behind the dust cap. The play is set internally by a ball adjsuter nut (it's backed by a spring), it has nothing to do with how far you screw it on the centerlink. It should go on all the way. You have to pull that stuff apart more often, keeps your memory fresh LOL :D ;) :rolling:
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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