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anyone tried the new steering box for c3s from vette brakes and products. im planning to buy either the new box from vette brakes or the rack from steeroids this week. what is the best system?
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haven't heard of anyone with the new VB&P kit, but who knows. Keep us posted with what you choose, especially if it's their kit!
vbp rack and pinion

installed the vbp rack and pinion 2 weeks ago. But i am not to happy with the result, i mean it is maybe better than stock, but there is still some irritating play in the steering wheel.

And it is dangours light in high speeds. install was very easy. most of the work was to unbolt the old system.

i think i need to install a low pressure power steering pump, and see if that is gonna work on this to light steering.

some of you guys have the same problem
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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