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Stock C6 Burning Oil

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I've got an 06 6 speed with 7,500 miles on it over that last 15 months. I've had to add oil to it twice!!!:WTF I've got no mods to the car other than cat back exhaust.

The first time at around 3,000 miles I added a 1/2 quart. The second time around 7,300 miles I had to add a full quart! I thought the "check oil level" light was wrong.

Consequently I heard some of the LS2 GTO guys got written notices from Pontiac that they should check the oil every time they get fuel and that "agressive" driving (over 3,000rpms or using engine braking) could cause significant oil consumption. Its basically a pre-excuse letter that Pontiac put out that says if you don't check your oil and your car seizes, its not our fault! Thats funny, i didn't get any notice from GM, isn't it the same engine?

Anyone else get a letter on their Vette or experience the same rapid oil consumption? :lookinup:
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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